Setenta con Dos Manos

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Setenta con Dos Manos
Pronunciation Seh-ten-tah chon Doughs Man-ohs
Translation Seventy with both hands
Level Intermediate
Link to Video [ Watch]
Video Notes
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From a basic Guapea, this starts on the 7 count by the lead grabbing the follow's hand on the right. As the lead grabs the follow's hand on the right, they prep their partner on the left by putting their left hand inward, similar to a Setenta. Then while the lead holds their right hand low, they rotate the follow on the left in a clockwise outside turn until wrapped. On the next eight count, the lead unravels the follow and then as the follow comes around anti-clockwise, the lead turns to the right under the follow's arm. The lead should now be facing the back of the follow with their right arm around their own waist holding the left arm of the follow behind them. As the group starts to move forward with Arriba, the lead then hair combs the follow's right hand over their head and onto the follow's left shoulder. Dance until Dile Que No is called.