Ochenta y Ocho

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Ochenta y Ocho
Pronunciation Oh-chen-tah ee oh-cho
Translation Eighty eight
Level Advanced
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Video Notes
Similar Moves Ochenta y uno, Ochenta y uno con bikini


Starts with a right to right hand hold and the follow is lead in a counter-clockwise rotation, ending up on the right. As the follow comes around the lead does a hair comb and asks for the left hand. Then on the next eight count, undo the hair comb and the follow is pulled around back in a reverse sombero like move, with the lead keeping their left hand low. For the next eight count, the follow is then pulled in front in wrapped with the right hand. On the next eight count, the follow is unwrapped and lead in a blind "pizza man" or spun around the back of the lead clockwise until they are completely around in a hammer lock position. At this point the follow should be on the left and in a hammer lock position. Then unroll the follow and do an Enchufla with a hook turn for the lead. While doing the hook turn, the lead (watching their elbows!!) , spins to the right pulling the follow behind them. If done correctly the lead is facing outward and has the follow behind them in a left-to-left and right-to-right hand hold. Enchufla to finish.

Regional Variants[edit]