La Jenny

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La Jenny
Pronunciation Jhen-y
Translation (proper name)
Level Intermediate
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Enchufla, switching hands, then on the next eight count, cross-body lead back to the left and pull the follow behind the lead like Paseala. After switching hands (right to right), on the next eight count, pull the follow around in front and then spin the follow into a hammer lock with the follow's arm behind their back. At this point, the follow should be facing the lead with their right arm behind their back and the lead is facing downstream. On the next eight count, then cross body lead, and catch the follow by the left shoulder. The lead should be facing inward slightly and the follow outward. On the next eight count, spin the follow to the clockwise and when they are facing the lead, the lead raises their arm and does a hook turn under it, ending up in the circle facing outward to the follow. The lead then does a 280 degree enchufla putting the follow momentarily in the circle before bringing the follow back into the slot on the right. Cross body lead back to neutral.