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| PatternName=Tumba Francesa
| PatternName=Tumbao Francesa
| Pronunciation=  Tum-bah-o Fran-ces-a
| Pronunciation=  [http://translate.google.com/#es/en/tumbao%20francesa Tum-bah-o Fran-ces-a]
| EnglishMeaning= ?
| EnglishMeaning= (Prpoer name)
|  Level=[[Main_Page#Rueda_Patterns_-_Level_Two|Intermediate]]
|  Level=[[Main_Page#Rueda_Patterns_-_Level_Two|Intermediate]]
|  VideoLink= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efDsh_YuEG0
|  VideoLink= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efDsh_YuEG0

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Tumbao Francesa
Pronunciation Tum-bah-o Fran-ces-a
Translation (Prpoer name)
Level Intermediate
Link to Video Watch
Video Notes
Similar Moves


Enchufla, and then the lead pulls the follow past on the right with the follow's right arm as shown in figure 1. Then grab the left arm of the next follow and moves to the next follow, grabbing their right arm. Repeat until "Bota" is called, then only when the next follow presents their right arm, pull them behind and Enchufla them back.

Figure 1. Hand hold for pulling past the follow