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[[Setenta Nuevo]]
| PatternName=Setenta Neuvo
| Pronunciation= [http://www.onlinespanishhelp.com/glossary/setenta Seh-tent-ah] [http://www.onlinespanishhelp.com/glossary/neuvo Neuvo]
| EnglishMeaning= Seventy Nine
| Level=[[Main_Page#Rueda_Patterns_-_Level_Two|Intermediate]]
| VideoLink= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeqVBDsOI-M
| VideoNotes=
| Variations= [[Setenta Complicado]], [[Setenta y Uno]], [[Setenta Moderno]], [[Setenta]], [[Setenta por Abajo]], [[Siete Setenta]]
== Description ==
Start like [[Setenta]], but once the follow is outside facing in, the lead puts left hand low and right hand up and spins under.  Then pull the follow behind and guy does hook turn to get face partner.

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