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| PatternName=Cero
| Pronunciation=[http://www.onlinespanishhelp.com/glossary/cero Cea-ro]
| EnglishMeaning=Zero
| Level=[[Main_Page#Rueda_Patterns_-_Level_One|Beginner]]
| VideoLink= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFHamYTY_oQ
| VideoNotes= Basic idea but the lead and follow clap and spin when stepping out.
| Variations= Other numbers - [[Ocho]], [[Seis]], [[Siete]], [[Nueve]]
== Description ==
Start with an [[Enchufla]], and on 5, lead steps back (right foot) and then into the circle on 6 (left foot), clapping on 7.  Then spin out (turn towards left shoulder - counter clockwise), as the follow duplicates the move, stepping back on 1, and into the circle on 2 and clapping on three.  Back to the same partner for a [[Dile que no]].
== Advanced Styling ==
The leads can do a double spin to the left, before picking up the follow on their right.
'''Cerro starts at 0:48'''

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