Leonsio Complicado

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Leonsio Complicado
Pronunciation Lee-on-see-oh Com-plee-ka-do
Translation (proper name)
Level Advanced
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With both hands, turn follow clockwise and pull them behind crossing right arm over left with leads facing into circle. Then on next eight count, raise right arm then left and turn to the right ducking under lead's left arm in a hammer lock. Leads move their left arm up their back as they duck under. Lead should now be facing follow with an awkward hand hold. Then raise arms and turn to left, keeping right arm low until lead is again in the hammer lock position with right arm behind. Leads should be facing upstream (clockwise) and follows should be facing into the circle. Then pull the follow with the right hand into the circle behind the lead and then on 5,6,7 back to the downstream side to face the lead. Then do a two handed enchufla with a hair comb over the lead's head. The follow dances in place for most of the move, facing into the circle until the last two eight counts.